heather_the_sad (heather_the_sad) wrote in cuts_of_pain,

cut me dry.

alright. so I'm heather.I'm 14. I want to cut really bad. i dont know what to do. i cut a lot a couple years ago and ive been really good about not cutting even when i want to.  but last week i cut again.  really badly. i wrapped a hair elastic around my arm twice and slid it down so it would cut of circulation. it makes it bleed a lot more.  i cut 48 times in 3 nights. im just so stressed and i cant deal with it.  i started all cuz my mom died. i wish that i never started. whatever...i cant change the past. but i dont know how to change the future. so much of my wants to cut that it hurts. a little part of me knows that i shouldnt, but that part always gets covered up by the feelings i have. i cut because i hate myself, im stressed, im tired, they think im fine and im NOT, to feel better.    i dont know what exactilly about it makes me feel better. its really odd.
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