Anzu Ski (bearly_alive) wrote in cuts_of_pain,
Anzu Ski

so ok...

long time no post. thats a good thing tho. i doubt any of you remember me. i havent posted in probly 6 months or more. 16, female, previously from CT, now in WV. still doubt you remember. 

anyways, just thought id let you all kno that its been 7 months since the last time i cut. this weekend's been hard tho. i found out that my mom was in the hospital (i live with my grandparents) bcuz she had multiple ovarian cysts, that my best guy friend of 4 years might have cancer again, and that im at risk for getting ovarian cysts myself. 

life seems to have gone to shit in the last 24 hours. -sighs- alas, i'll deal with it the way i have been. i'll sit down and write a poem or something. 

thats more than enough bitching for one entry.

hope everyone is well.

~Anzu (Anca previously) 
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