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hey guys, i just need people to relate to.

i've never known anyone else who cuts, and this is quite amazing to see others who do the same.
here's some about me:

01. Whats your name? Brooke
02. Age, Birthday, and Local? 15, 7/5/93, NY
03. Form of SI?: cutting
04. Why do you SI?: to kill some numbness here and there
05. When was your first time, if you remember? What did you use? 3 or 4 months ago, with my very own swiss army knife that my mom gave me as a present, with a nail file and scissors too. bad idea :P
07. What do you use? the same swiss army knife. I need something different.
08. Do you hide it? yuuup
09. Do you listen to music while you SI? If so, who? : nope.
10. Anyone know? Want them to? no. i'd like to keep it that way.
11. Eating Disorders? not anymore
12. Mental Disorders? probably.
13. What would you do if you found cuts on your best friend? tell her about me.

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