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so, i wrote a poem the other day, and i decided to post it 
in a few of these communities. i`m sure somebody out
there can relate. =] oh, and btw, i`m so sorry i haven`t
been around in a long time.. but i`m letting you all know
i`m still alive, and doing way better than i have been.
let me know what you think, any input would be 
greatly appreciated. kisses.


i keep waiting around
giving myself hope that you`re the one.
but everyday it hurts,
and i tell myself i should be done..
over with the games,
the pretending, and lies...
i repeat it over and over,
yet it hasn`t stopped my cries.
the feeling of hopelessness haunts
as i yearn for a brighter day,
but rainclouds constantly follow
and i`m left with not one word to say.
i think back to all i`ve given you,
as i hang my head in defeat.
everytime i get too close,
i lose my mind and retreat.
this time it was i who stayed
yet you`re just looking back.
sitting here thinking is killing me,
another day and i`ll crack.
maybe i had this coming,
and i`m supposed to be left hurt.
but i can`t take my mind away from you..
because i still have your scent on my shirt.
as time progresses,
we`ll see who`s feelings were true.
but until then, all i`ll do is hope,
because the only one i want is still you.
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